A Cleaner Energy Future

At Canacol, we firmly believe in the importance of preserving and protecting our natural environment. Our environmental management is a fundamental pillar of our corporate strategy. We acknowledge the potential impact our operations can have on the environment, which is why take a comprehensive approach to minimizing our ecological footprint. We are committed to delivering natural gas in accordance with the highest standards of operational and environmental safety, thereby supporting Colombia's clean and equitable energy transition.

Energy is crucial for our lives, but man-made climate change is real, caused by burning large quantities of hydrocarbons globally. An abundant supply of economic and clean energy is key to the growth and development of each nation, but so is a healthy and clean environment. As a leading gas company, we are committed to supplying a cleaner energy future for millions of people, in which the health and well-being of future generations is the foundational goal of our efforts. We fully support the Colombian national transition plan, in which the use of natural gas in Colombia is expected to continue growing.

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Key Components of Our Environmental Strategy

Climate Action

  • Execute our decarbonization plan to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.
  • Design and apply energy efficiency and decarbonization strategies to progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate fugitive emissions and other atmospheric pollutants.
  • Provide innovative solutions to access renewable energies and actively participate in the transition to a low-carbon economy, addressing climate change and fostering positive social impacts.

Water Management

  • Promote the efficient use of water and undertake other actions to preserve and protect water resources.


  • Promote awareness and address biodiversity risks proactively.
  • Conduct periodic assessments of critical biodiversity exposure and establish management plans to safeguard, preserve and/or rehabilitate the ecosystems where our operations are situated.

Waste Management

  • Promote the efficient use of supplies.
  • Promote the reuse of materials within our production system.
  • Encourage the use of materials with potential for reuse and recycling, both from our own activities and those of our contractors.

For further information, please refer to the 2022 ESG Report.