• How can I invest?

    Canacol is listed on: 

    Toronto Stock Exchange “TSX” – Symbol CNE

    Colombia Stock Exchange “BVC” – Symbol CNE.C 

    OTCQX in the U.S. – Symbol CNNEF


    CUSIP: 134808302

    ISIN: CA1348083035


    For further information, please access the following websites:

    Toronto Stock Exchange

    Colombia Stock Exchange


  • Who are Canacol Energy Ltd.’s Legal Representatives?

    Canacol Energy Ltd. is a company established in Alberta, Canada. For this reason, the Company does not have Legal Representatives since this figure is not common in North American law. For the necessary legal purposes,  those who act as this figure are those denominated as officers, who are granted the necessary faculties to execute what is necessary, from the contractual point of view and with third parties in behalf of Canacol Energy Ltd. (including state/government entities). The officers are named by the Board of Directors and/or the Shareholder Annual General Meeting and their faculties are described in the companies’ Bylaws.

    The main officers of Canacol Energy Ltd. are:

    • Charle Gamba
    • Anthony Zaidi
    • Jason Bednar

    *Their bios can be found on the Management section of this website.

  • What is the IR Recognition?

    The Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) encourages issuers to adopt the best practices in terms of information disclosure and investor relations, in order to make Colombia a more eligible market for investments. The IR Recognition is received by issuers that have voluntarily adopted the best practices required by the Colombian Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit the BVC IR Recognition website.