Safe Operations

Canacol is committed to seeking continuous improvement in the company’s  Health and Safety culture, policies and processes, risk management, and prevention of major accidents and diseases among all employees, contractors, and communities. We focus our efforts to build a strong safety culture with our employees and contractors, to guarantee a continuous improvement on safety performance. At Canacol, we have an Integrated Management System HSEQ. The system is based in ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, the application of SA 8000 and ISO 31000. The system is certified by the International Certification Authority SGS. These high standards promote continuous improvement in all our operational phases.

Our People

At Canacol, we are energy. Our people are the key to long-term success and to outstanding performance in the evolving energy landscape. We work hard to attract and retain top tier talent. We invest in professional growth, and in a culture where employees feel proud. We work towards promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce, in which every idea, worldview, experience, and background are valued and leveraged to make a difference.

Communities and Indigenous People

Working with communities is essential for our business. We recognize the impacts we can generate in the areas where we operate. We therefore promote and maintain close and transparent community relationships to hear and address their concerns related to our operations and to balance their needs with our operational objectives.

We work hand in hand with communities, social leaders, and authorities to implement projects which contribute to economic and social well-being. At Canacol, we are fully committed to leaving a positive legacy in the neighboring communities. Indigenous communities are a priority for our operations. We fully acknowledge and respect their rights, consistent with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous people. We comply with all the applicable legislation to guarantee a Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). 

We promote human development, sustainable growth, institutional consolidation, and environmental conservation through voluntary and sustainable projects, involving communities, indigenous people and local authorities. Additionally, we meet our social investment obligations through activities that, among other things, improve access to gas, water supply, education, productive projects, and build or maintain public infrastructure, and support local productive and business development programs. 

Local Economic Development

Local employment is one of the main positive effects of our operations. Through the promotion of local employees, we contribute to improving the quality of life of neighboring communities. At Canacol, we comply with and seek to exceed legislation related to qualified and unqualified local labor. Moreover, we promote and encourage local businesses to be part of our supply chain. We focus our efforts on strengthening their technical, economic, and administrative capacities, to help them to be the best allies possible, not only for Canacol, but for their whole market.